The Discreet Cushion That Promotes Prostate Health

Many of us spend nearly their entire day sitting at their desk or in their car. Constant daily sitting puts pressure on the pelvic floor and restricts blood flow to and through the prostate, which can lead to significant prostate health problems over time:

  • • Prostate Infections
  • • Chronic Prostatitis
  • • Enlarged Prostate (BPH)
  • • And eventually Prostate Cancer

Prolonged sitting may aggravate conditions such as BPH or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and may cause quite some pain and discomfort.

Maintaining good prostate health is absolutely critically as men get older. With the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion, it’s as simple as sitting down and letting the five components of this patented device promote a healthy prostate.

Designed by a Prostate Sufferer, now Benefiting You!

1. Relieve Prostate Pain by Reducing Pressure

The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion is designed to remove the pressure a standard chair puts on the pelvic floor and prostate. This allows for reduced pelvic pressure and more ventilation resulting in

  • • Increase of healthy blood flow to affected organ
  • • More oxygen supply to cells
  • • Reduction of swelling
  • • Reduced discomfort and pain relief

2. Durability, Comfort, and Full Support

The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion is made of dual foam layers with center donut hole shape cutouts. A strong, durable bottom layer provides full support even on softer surfaces such as a couch, while a soft top foam layer provides full sitting comfort.

The multi-layer design is far more durable than an ordinary donut pillow, which often has to be replaced after only a few months.

3. Fully Discreet Design Promotes Daily Use

Sitting down day after day for hours at a time is an extremely unhealthy situation for your prostate. Conventional Donut Cushions help with this situation but they draw attention – especially when used in an office environment – and are cause for embarrassment. The last thing we want our co-workers to know is that we have prostate pain. The Prostate Cushion creates a discreet environment for pelvic and prostate health wherever you are.

  • • At work
  • • In the car
  • • At home watching TV

The patented design looks like any ordinary seat cushion but has a hidden center opening hidden behind a batting layer and a stretch cotton cover. There is no visual difference to a standard seat pillow. We don’t even put our logo on it!

Now I can work and also enjoy my dinner like it use to be,

I think this cushion is very important for people suffering from Prostatitis. Sitting is very irritating, when suffering from a sickness like this. This cushion made my life so much more relaxing, especially with the center hole and the warmer right under the prostate area. Airshad K., Newark, 2010

4. Bio-Magnetic Therapy Helps with Prostate Inflammations (Prostate Cushion only)

An anatomically optimized design isn’t the only benefit you get from the Prostate Cushion. It also contains a therapeutic magnet creating a magnetic field around and inside the prostate. Magnet therapy has been used for years to heal a variety of health problems. Now the Prostate Cushion put that magnetic healing to work to improve your prostate health.
Used for years to reduce the swelling associated with arthritis, strong therapeutic magnets are now addressing the  pain associated with prostate infections.

5.Warmth Relieves Acute Prostatitis Pain (Prostate Cushion only)

Want to further relieve the pain of acute prostate infections and improve circulation?

Soothing warmth relieves prostate pain especially in cold weather or when sitting on a cold seat like a car seat or  outdoors. You can insert a small, iron-carbon-based warming patch into your Prostate Cushion. The warmth provided not only soothes pain, but increases blood flow improving your prostate health.

You can have all the soothing, prostate health benefits of the Biolectrix Donut Pillow in two options:

Discreet Donut Cushion (ergonomic and discreet 2-layer cushion) Regular Price: $106.50 On Sale for $98.50 (plus shipping and handling).
Biolectrix Prostate Cushion (includes powerful magnet and warming patch) Regular Price: $138.50On Sale for $125.50 (plus shipping and handling).

Travelling a lot? Check out our small size travel cushion

Not sure which one to get? Compare features and check specifications

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the Biolectrix Donut Cushion or the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion, tell us within 30 days and receive a full refund! (See our Return Policy for details)